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TradeMe to Trello Chrome Extension

It can be tricky keeping track of a bunch of listings when you’re looking to join a new flat. Have I already contacted that person? When am I viewing this place? Have I heard back from them yet? The built in functionality on TradeMe (the auction site just about everyone in New Zealand uses to list and look for flats) is just not up to the task.

Trello is a web application which allows you to create a custom set of lists and to move ‘cards’ back and forth between them. Many developers and others working in the tech industry are likely to be familiar with it already.

I’ve created a Chrome extension to link TradeMe and Trello together, making moving flats that little bit easier. Using this extension, it’s as simple as clicking the icon when you are on a TradeMe listing to have a card automatically created in Trello.

Trello board with TradeMe listings

May your flat hunting be forever more organised!

Get the extension:

The code is open source, and up on GitHub: